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It began little more than just an idea that I had for this split website and now the third section of my Vehicle Voltron web conglomerate is now open (even if there is still some construction going on).  This section will obviously talk about and explain the Drules, thier history, and the characters in as much detail as possible.  There were a lot of Drule commanders and rebels that took thier place within the Vehicle Voltron cannon, therefore the gallery is the most important part of the website as it will finally organize and put names to the many faces of the Drules.  The info section, though just as important as the gallery, will develop slowly as the info I have at my disposal is sorted through.  I have already found out things that I missed about 20 years ago.  I plan on adding more sections to this site later.

The Vehicle Voltron DVDs are coming soon!  It has also been confirmed that the Dairugger XV series will also be released.  Obviously the Lion Voltron set has to come out before the Vehicle set.  That series will make it to store shelves in September.  There is also a new animated series supposedly in production.  From what I know, it is likely going to be a re-iteration of the Lion Voltron series.  I liked the plot that the writers at Devil’s Due put into the comic book (however, the quality of the writing didn’t last… neither did the quality of the art with all of the changing of artists.)  I hope that the plot in this new series matches the one created by Devil’s Due (without the bad parts).