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How to Protect Yourself When Watching Movies Online

DMCA claims are rampant in the Wild West known as the Internet. Some streaming sites for copyrighted content distribute content that isn’t theirs legally, as in the case of the licenses acquired by Netflix and Hulu. However, for good or for ill, most streaming sites are pirates. Or rather, they’re enablers of piracy. Putlockers2 (or isn’t necessarily a pirate den but rather a place you can store your videos, whatever they may be. Just like what MegaUpload did once upon a time. However, the MPAA and the RIAA frowns upon sites like this and Pirate Bay. They argue that digital piracy and content theft costs Hollywood and the music industry billions of dollars in revenue while others make money off of them.

The Appeal of Piracy and What Can Be Done About It

Streaming allows you to watch movies and TV series for free without renting out DVDs or buying BD volumes. You can also view these films and shows in an unlimited fashion for a single fee rather than pay for just one screening. The subscription fee is typically less expensive than renting a DVD and gives you access to multiple TV shows and movies.

Streaming prevents you from getting frustrated as well. The titles you can watch on a site are always available and can be viewed and replayed multiple times as you wish. You’re no longer dealing with a DVD that you have to return to the shop every time. You have access to all sorts of flicks that you can research about in a separate tab at that. The streaming model, alas, was taken from digital pirates.

Streaming comes in two legal flavors: Digital Piracy and Legal Streaming. The latter allows you to compensate the original makers and their producers because it’s licensed distribution. Piracy that ranges from uploading a cam rip on torrent or on YouTube without permission doesn’t compensate the original makers. You want to reward creators to encourage them to keep making their work, after all.


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