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Top 10 best sites to stream movies online

There are tons of reasons to stream a movie online and one of the best one is that you can do so for free. Forget those paid streaming sites that just gives you the worse of it. You can watch the tv shows that you have been dying to get into and you can also get to watch the latest movies all with the click of your mouse, all within the reach of your fingertips with these sites to bring all the fun to you. Here are the top 10 sites in which you can literally stream movies for free on the net.


This one may not be the biggest, but it is a good option when you feel like going for a movie marathon or just going wanting to watch the best movies that are available to you. The latest movies are absolutely in this site, all you have to do now is to just click on the movie you would want to watch, and you are more than good to go already.


With the largest collection filled with movies and tv shows, Megashare will be completely on par with the other sites when it comes to giving the maximum satisfaction to the visitors and the movie viewers as they like to have their movies in high definition. They have some popular tv series on the site such as Sherlock and they also feature the top IMDb on their site so you can keep updated on the ratings of each movie and show and enjoy trying to catch up on watching all of them somehow. You can also contact them if you have any questions for them or inquiries you want to catch up on. Learn more about megashare on this site.


If you have ever felt the need to watch online movies on the go, in any device that you might like or any device that you might have, this is the best place to go to. Join the fun and make use of what you have and that would be 123moviesflix that would make you enjoy watching the movies. The interface of the site is friendly enough even for those that are just starting to get the hang of watching online movies. You can check out their featured movies section to check out which you should be watching if you want to catch up on the best and the most talked about movies. Learn more about 123moviesflix on this site.


If you have ever heard of Psych, Peaky Blinders or Person to Person or ever felt that you need to watch The Mummy where Rick is the main character, go to Sockshare and watch them out. You get the best there is, and you get it for a no brainer. You need not even pay a single cent because all that you will watch is absolutely for free at this site. So, go ahead and share this good news to your friends and let them see where it will take them. Learn more about keyword on this site.


Last on the list would be Letmewatchthis site which lets you really watch the best quality movies in HD and also the best movies at that. Have your try on online streaming with this site. They will offer you a library filled with around 18000 movies and shows that you can watch for no cost at all, just your avid face on the screen waiting for things to load up. Go ahead and give it a go and see what really makes the difference between watching it for free on your laptop and the overpriced cinema tickets that is your second option. Learn more about letmewatchthis on this site.


Have you had the mind to watch movies by online streaming or just by trying to see what is the one that is trending as of the moment? There is nothing better than checking it out at Fmoviesofficial where the latest goes to. You should really try it out and see if it is the one that you need to see for you to just relax. You can watch Blank Ink Crew which is a story on tattoo artists or you can see drama movies or maybe some actions one all for free. It does not get any better than this, so you might as well pay a visit and see for yourself what works. Learn more about fmoviesofficial on this site.


The Official Putlockers will have you wanting for more movies. It even has the best TV shows that are updated regularly to have you searching for the site for as fast as you can. You might as well have them bookmark because you are bound to keep coming back for more. If you ever plan to stay up all night and just watch some movies, this site is definitely going to be your new best friend, so go ahead and see to that. Learn more about officialputlockers on this site.


There is no need to let yourself pay for movies and tv shows if you can get them for free without having to take a dollar or even a cent out of your pockets. Now, all you must do is go to the YesMoviesonline site and you are more than good to go. You might also want to take note that they have the highest resolution, so you can ensure yourself that you are seeing things for what they are since you are watching in high definition, after all. You will realize that it is truly an experience that changes you both inside and out. Learn more about yesmoviesonline on this site.


If you are looking for a complete site that is filled with movies of high quality that you can watch whenever you want, and you would not even have to pay any dollar for, then online movies cinema should be the right place to go. There may be some ads along the way but that is perfectly normal for a site that offers movies for free, so you might want to try this one out.


Should you want something free and less mainstream then this place is the place to go. There are a thousand of classic films in the site together with their short films, some documentaries on the side together with viral videos that will surely want to make you feel awesome about yourself.

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